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Learning Framework

The Learning Framework offers resources to support educators and students in contributing to Our Futures Forum. This includes a suggested four-week project pathway with a collection of twenty lessons.

Futures Thinking Framework

Futures Thinking is a skill set that allows people to create nuanced, positive visions for the future grounded in current needs. Specifically, the project targets the five skills from the Stanford d.schools Futures Thinking approaches

1. Empathy for the Future allows us to create an emotional connection with future generations.

2. Tracing Change Over Time helps us connect current trends to possible future outcomes.

3. Seeing in Multiples enables us to understand and evaluate multiple possible future scenarios.

4. Visioning Coexistence means creating visions of the future in partnership with communities that take into account different community needs.

5. Worldbuilding involves creating rich, detailed narratives of the future that help us build solidarity toward change.

Sample Video Rubric

Explore this rubric as one tool to evaluate student documentaries. There are also opportunities for formative assessments throughout the learning experience.

Standards Alignment

Our Future Forum aligns with Common Core and NGSS standards.

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