How It Works

The Project Pathway

Our Futures Forum is a twenty-lesson learning experience for communities of high school learners. The project has been successful in high school ELA and Environmental Science classes, though it is adaptable to any subject as well as after-school programs.

1. Explore

Students explore five future themes that will be impacted by climate change.  


Students explore how climate change will impact their local food system, exploring challenges in food access, distribution, and nutritional value. 


Students explore the potential impact of sea-level rise, storms, and drought in their neighborhoods. They also learn about challenges in water contamination and clean water access.


Students explore challenges in access to safe, affordable, and sustainable shelter as well as the environmental impacts of different types of construction.


Students learn about the impact of carbon emissions in their neighborhoods and explore challenges in their public transportation systems.



Students explore the impact of climate change on health in their community, including physical and mental wellbeing.


Students use hands-on research to explore one of the five future themes in more depth.

Field Notes

Students take photos and record observations in their neighborhoods about challenges related to their future theme.

Community Interviews

Students conduct an interview with a community member who has expertise in their future theme.

Contrasting Cases

Students research how a challenge related to their future theme has been addressed in other places. They will consider how these existing approaches may inspire innovations in their community.


Students create a documentary from the year 2075 showing how their challenge has been solved.

Storyboard &

Script writing

Student draft plans to create a vision for their neighborhood in the year 2075.


Visual Design

Students gain inspiration from futuristic aesthetics including Afrofuturism, Native Futurism, and Solar Punk to inspire their own creative depictions of the future.

Media Making

Using beginner-friendly media tools, students create informational films to communicate their visions for climate-resilient futures. 


Students publish their documentaries on Our Futures Forum.

Receive Peer


Students from participating classrooms across the country can comment on one another’s documentaries.

Build Community

Through virtual Our Futures Forum events, students can connect with young people from across the country invested in climate justice. 

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